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Auchencairn History Society


Scottish Charity No. – SC 030382


Auchencairn History Society was formed in 1999, with the aim of discovering all that was possible of the history of the village, parish, and surrounding area, and making this information available to all those interested.

A considerable amount of research has been undertaken and a large archive amassed. The archive includes old photographs, post cards, maps, village memorabilia, and much more.  There is an outstanding collection of local memories, the result of interviews over the years with people whose memories of life in this lovely area often go back well into the early twentieth century.

The Society has published a series of Monographs, which are the result of original research on a wide variety of local topics.  Further research and a wide variety of articles can be found in each edition of the biannual Newsletter.

The Society has done some practical work in the locality, for instance in organising the restoration of the Tar Pot.  This interesting survival of local salmon fishing had been forgotten about and completely overgrown, but has now been restored and a stone marker laid to explain its purpose.  The Society also enjoys field trips to places of historical interest.

One striking feature of the Society is the widespread nature of its membership.  We have a comparatively small group within the village itself, but members also in various parts of the UK and overseas. All have in common some interest in, or connection with, the village, often through their family history.

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