The Society has published a number of booklets as follows:-

Monograph 1. James K Scott.    Edited by Dennis Binns.

James Scott was the preceptor in the Free Kirk and wrote church music and poems. He published his poems in Galloway Gleanings, 1881

Monograph 2. Louisa Robertson.    Edited by Dennis Binns.

Louisa was James Scott’s younger sister who also wrote poetry regularly for the Kirkcudbright Advertiser. She was also a photographer and Naturalist.

Monograph 3. Joseph Heughan.    Edited by Dennis Binns.

Joseph was the village Blacksmith and could speak many languages. He was a poet and craftsman, not only in shoeing horses but making fine silverware and many of his pieces are in the Stewartry Museum.

Monograph 4. The Churches of Rerrick

Written by Morton Gellatly this is the history and development of all the churches in the parish.

Monograph 5. The Story of Orchardton

Also by Morton Gellatly this is the history of Orchardton Round Tower and Orchardton House, detailing the Maxwell, Cairns and Douglas families,

Monograph 6. Heston Island

Written by Mark White it shows the many different aspects of the island. It was once the home of the King of Scotland, Edward Balliol.

Monograph 7. The Story of Bengairn

Written by John Fortune, whose home it is, it explores the ancient and modern history of the estate.

Monograph 8. Auchencairn & District 1976

Written by Andrew Gray and Hugh M Paton, a guide to Auchencairn and its history with numerous

old photographs.,

Monograph 9. Tales of Auchencairn 1977

Also written by Andrew Gray and Hugh M Paton, this booklet recounts many tales of the village. The tales are given chapter headings – Twentieth Century, Nineteenth Century and Eighteenth Century

Monograph 10. Scenes around Auchencairn.   Edited by David McKie & Dennis Binns

Written in 1851 by Robert and Alexander Trotter life in Auchencairn 150 years ago


Each of these cost £6 and include postage. Cheques only please, made payable to Auchencairn History Society. Available from Marian Makins, Mahwood, Auchencairn, CASTLE DOUGLAS, Kirkcudbrightshire, DG7 1QZ


 In My Own Words by Czeslawa Ellison

The remarkable story of Czeslawa Ellison’s early life in Poland. CLICK HERE


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